Brown Hare’s – Part Three

Later on this summer from my previous two hare blog posts I found another site that proved to be good for these animals. This site was located in a wheat field and I discovered a hare run that came out to the roadside. As previously in the year I was able to park my car off the road and many hours of waiting were rewarded with the appearance of the hares that spent the day resting up in the middle of the field. Initially the adults were a bit wary.


This run was not the only one the hare’s had and often they would appear further down the road from another one. However on a few occasions my patience payed off with a hare coming down the run. Often it was the young first year leveret than seemed not to care with the 10 frames a second being fired as it ran towards me.


Normally this youngster would have feed on its way to the roadside.



On several occasions this particular young hare would just keep coming nearer and nearer to me sat in the car allowing me to get some very close full frame portraits.


Sometimes though I just got the feeling that this youngster didn’t want its photo taken !!!


I hope you have enjoyed my three hare blog posts and for me shows what images are possible with going back to the same place time and time again, oh and some patience does help.

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