Roe Deer

Along with the brown hare my other favourite local mammal is the roe deer. These are alot more elusive than the hare’s but with plenty of persistance I was able to photograph a family of them this summer. Often associated with dense woodland I found this family on agricultural land and on many evenings they would come out of a small wood to wander and feed in a particular wheat field. As with the hare’s all these images are taken from my car on a public road. First up an image with my two favourites.


As the wheat grow I found the deer would spend more time in the field and would be intrigued by this black shape (my car) that would slowly pull up on the side of the road.


The red in the above photo will tell you that I had found not only an amazing subject but the setting had such potential I just kept going back as much as I could during the few weeks that the poppies were in flower. Capturing many different shots of the deer.




Now I did mention a family and on several evenings I had the privilege of seeing a couple of small heads pop up amongst the poppies.



As you can see Mum was never too far away. But also surprisingly I thought neither was Dad.


As the crop started to turn colour the young deer would blend in to their surroundings.


However the deer’s landscape was about to change dramatically, but with the lack of cover I was still able to photograph the family.



Again though Mum was around if needed.



These are just a few images from what was a magic few weeks and to have seen this family at close range let alone been able to photograph them was very special.

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