Snakes, Spiders and other exotic subjects

Last Friday evening I ran my latest photography workshop at Swallow Aquatics in East Harling. The centre is home to numerous reptiles, amphibians, spiders and many other interesting subjects which on a cold night we can set up to photograph in the warmth of the centre as you see below.


By using various pieces of wood, stone etc to build a small set up,which I lite with a pair of studio lights we were able to photograph the creatures in a semi natural environment and my clients are able to improve their macro photography skills with the usually complient subjects.

Below are some of my images from the evening. First up a Bearded Dragon.



Moving on to a pair of snakes, firstly the Boa Constrictor.



One of the great things working with such accessible subjects is we could get really close up and below is a close up of the snakes body.


The other snake we photographed was a Royal Python.



With this snake we also had the photo opportunity of it swimming.



Now we move on to a Chameleon.


When you are close to these it’s amazing to watch their eyes.


Next a Horned Frog


It’s not just four legged creatures we had on show, we had cricket’s, scorpions and this Red kneed Tarantula.


The centre also has lots of aquariums housing all sorts of tropical fish and other creatures such as this Shrimp.


Also if you ever wondered what happened to him after his Hollywood career was over Nemo is safe and sound and swimming around a tank in Norfolk !!!!!


I would very much like to thank Swallow Aquatics of East Harling and especially Dillon and John for making our evening such a fantastic one. Your passion and enthusiasm for the creatures you look after really comes across and from my clients messages they all want another evening soon. Cheers guys.

Also a big thank you to Jo, Viv , Kev and Les for your support and booking the evening before I had even advertised it.

And what I haven’t mention yet is these evenings are not only great for photography but we had the privilege (for those that wished) to hold some of the subjects we had photographed. This final image shows my friends Jo and Viv with there new best mate.


If you are interested in this workshop I will be organising some more for 2012. The evenings run from 6 to 9pm and cost £25 per person and limited to 4 photographers only. Non photographic guests are welcome at a cost of £10 per person.

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