I am available to present a number of talks and presentations to varied interested groups. From the full story of field craft and camera settings for camera clubs to simply showing the beautiful wildlife of a particular area all talks can be tailored to the groups requirements and are delivered with an enthusiasm which show my passion for the natural world.

Current talks are :


‘An East Anglian Wildlife Photographer’s Year’


‘Photography of the Natural world’


 ‘Bury St. Edmunds to Brisbane, a Wildlife Photographer’s travels’


‘A Hare’s Year’


’20 Nature Photography Projects throughout the year’

Brown hare

‘Field craft for Wildlife photography’

My fees are £70 plus travel from Elmswell, Suffolk.

Please contact me for further details if you are interested in any of my talks or if you would like me to tailor a talk for your specific group.

Please see below some testimonials from my talks.

Rosie Andersen, Hare Preservation Trust : A Hare’s year. Kevin’s presentation of  ‘A Hare’s Year’ at our AGM was fascinating with both serious observations and light hearted anecdotes.
Our members were completely enthralled by his beautiful photography of hares
throughout the seasons.  His images are stunning!

David Porter RSPB Norwich Group. Photography of the Natural World. Thank you very much for your excellent talk to our group last night. It was fantastic, you enthusiasm shone through, your photography was excellent. As a photographer I am as jealous as hell. It was a great night.

Richard Straton RSPB Lowestoft & district group. Photography of the Natural World. The presentation of “Photography of the Natural World” was outstanding. So many comments have been made about the excellent choice of subject matter and the quality of the photographs, it hardly suffices to say that the audience was very pleased! Pictures on the screen followed each other in a continuous flow of delight which, with the interesting and chatty style of commentary and occasional personal photographic tips, covered every aspect of the natural world. Your hours of patience, experience, thoughts, delights and tribulations resulted in a exhilarating evening to be remembered for a long time.

David Porter RSPB Norwich Group. An East Anglian Wildlife Photographers Year. We enjoyed Kevin’s first talk so much in 2014 that we had to invite him for a return visit.We were not disappointed; another fantastic evening entitled ‘An East Anglian Wildlife Photographer’s Year ‘the photographs were superb with incredible detail, his presentation skill and expert commentary made for a wonderful evening.The patience and dedication needed to be a highly successful wildlife photographer is evident in every photograph he shows. He also talked in great detail as to how he planned many of his shots, with regard to the light , direction of the wind and intimate knowledge of his subjects, whether its birds, plants, mammals or insects was immense.He was also willing to answer many questions, some of a technical nature, explaining his camera technique. To cap it all Kevin is a very friendly and highly likable person.

Pam Ireland, Suffolk Wildlife Trust – Ipswich local group. A East Anglian wildlife photographer’s year. On behalf of the Ipswich Group of the Suffolk Wildlife trust I should like to thank you for such a fascinating and inspiring talk on Wednesday evening.We were amazed by the quality of your photos, but even more so by their composition, which always showed off the subjects in such a meaningful way; Roe deer peeping up through the corn, swans gliding through the mist,female hares rejecting the advances of a suitor.and so much more. You gave us a good number of tips for improving our own efforts, stressing the importance of planning and patience in obtaining that special shot. I feel sure that most of us left your talk fired with enthusiasm to take some wildlife photos of our own, although I doubt many of us will have your patience and persistence.So thank you once again Kevin, and I hope we shall have you to one of our meetings again in the future.

David Addy, Suffolk Wildlife Trust – Bury & Mildenhall local group. A East Anglian wildlife photographer’s year. You don’t need a big bazooka of a lens to take great pictures of birds. Thatis one of the messages that Kevin Sawford puts over in his 90 minute talk on
Wildlife Photography in East Anglia. He will emphasise the importance of
planning and patience in chasing that elusive shot, rather than expensive
kit.Kevin also stresses that the best pictures contain an aspect of behaviour as
well as composition and planning the background.
If you are wanting to get into wildlife photography, or to improve your
performance, then this talk is for you.

Derek Walduck, Suffolk Wildlife Trust – Alde & Blyth local group. A East Anglian wildlife photographer’s year. Thanks Kevin for your wonderful East Anglian Wildlife Photographer’s Year talk to our Suffolk Wildlife local group.  Your lovely images reminded us that even though wildlife is always under pressure from us, we still have enough of it to marvel at and add a bit of colour to our lives.”

Ingrid McIvor, Suffolk Wildlife Trust – Woodbridge local group. A East Anglian wildlife photographer’s year. We all enjoyed your talk immensely and admired your patience and the time you take to go about the countryside to get just the right kind of photograph. I am sure it has encouraged people to do the same and take their camera with them more often! You made us aware of what there is to see and photograph throughout the seasons – that there is always something worthwhile out there. Not just out and about, but in our own gardens.

David Robinson ARPS, Ipswich and District Camera Society “A East Anglian wildlife photographer’s year”. “Kevin Sawford drew a good crowd of members and visitors to Ipswich & DPS for his talk “An East Anglian Wildlife Photographer’s Year”.  Kevin gave a really entertaining evening with superb images from East Anglia.  As well as showing his pictures Kevin gave lots of hints and tips on locations, fieldcraft and equipment.  He stressed how patience and study of the subject paid off with great images from locations many of which were away from the usual reserves and photography “hotspots”.  Following a very professional presentation Kevin was generous with his time in answering questions both to the audience and one to one at the end of the evening.  We hope to see Kevin again in near future.

David Robinson ARPS
Ipswich & DPS

Diss and District Camera Club  Kevin Sawford “A East Anglian wildlife photographer’s year”. A truly inspiring talk from Kevin Sawford, whose photos proved him to be a sensationally talented wildlife photographer (and demonstrator of ‘field craft’). Every creature and behaviour was exquisitely showcased, from rare butterflies warming themselves in the early morning sun, to swans floating dreamily through icy mists, love-sick squirrels cuddling and even bugs waving!  “It’s left me itching to get out and start practising capturing nature through the lens, as I hope it has you”
If you are feeling motivated by Kevin’s talk and are interested in one of his workshops (or would like to know what all the fuss is about), please see his personal website at

James Caesar, Fulbourn Gardening Society : Photography of the Natural World .Members of Fulbourn Gardening Society were recently treated to a very
lively presentation by Kevin. This was illustrated by dozens of
stunning photographs of all kinds of wildlife. His patience, timing
and skill in composition were greatly admired. We plan to invite him
to visit us again soon.

Stephen Fraser, Glemsford camera club : Photography of the Natural World Kevin came to our club and gave us his talk on Photography of the Natural World. His enthusiasm and passion for his subject was evident from the start and his photographs are simply stunning. Whilst Kevin is prepared to go to great lengths to get his photographs: he doesn’t leave out the sort of images that can be captured by the amateur and takes you on a journey from these through to the images that can be captured with dedication and perseverance. A truly inspirational evening; thanks Kevin.

Mel Sheard, Horringer & Ickworth Horticultural society : Photography of the Natural World.The first speaker of our autumn season was Kevin Sawford with his talk entitled ‘Photography of the natural world’. A couple of our members were already familiar with Kevin’s presentational skills as they had attended his workshops earlier in the year. However they did not expect to see the magical quality of the photographic images of flora and fauna that he showed during his talk. The keen photographers of the Society were amazed during question time when he revealed just how much time he spent getting the right picture.An excellent way to start our autumn programme and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Chris Brooks, Thurston U3A photographic society. 20 Nature photography projects throughout the year. Thank you very much for talking to us last night
It was exceptional talk and very inspiring and all our members really enjoyed it
We had a full house and I have already had members asking when we could get you back again.We have basic beginners to experienced photographers in our group and you pitched your talk perfectly with everybody finding something of interest. As you know there is a large number of our members attending your workshops and after your talk last night they cannot wait to get started.Thank you again for making it a lovely evening for us.

Estelle Ware, Secretary, Bunwell & district camera club. 20 Nature photography projects throughout the year. Thank you for your very enjoyable talk.In addition to showing the members some of your fabulous photographs you also conveyed that you don’t have to visit anywhere exotic or far flung to get that special image.  Whilst ‘seeing the shot’ is obviously important your emphasis on preparation and perseverance is something most of us neglect and we shoot our images in hope than expectation of a reasonable result.  Your talk gave something for all levels of experience within the club both from a technical or artistic point of view.  Personally, your images where the subject was a small part of the overall image have given me food for thought as I am guilty of trying to fill the frame with whichever animal I am trying to photograph.

As you know we are a small club and we are always concerned about the recruitment and retention of members and last night we had 5 potential members visiting the club from complete beginners, new converts to DSLR and those with more experience.  I am sure that last nights talk will make an excellent contribution to maintaining and increasing our membership.  I would especially like to thank you for taking time to explain aperture and DoF to one of our potential new members.

Michael Poole, Framlingham camera club – Chairman. 20 Nature photography projects throughout the year. I would like to express our camera clubs sincere thanks for the entertaining evening we had tonight, during which you presented your outstanding wildlife images, and explained how you approach the subject. It was an inspirational event for all our members.

Peter Nixon, Bungay camera club: 20 Nature photography projects throughout the year.

On Behalf of Bungay Camera Club, may I thank you for visiting us on the evening of Wednesday 24th August with your presentation of `20 Nature Photography Projects to try Throughout the Year`.Your informative and thought provoking talk, along with the showing of many of your colourful images of flora and fauna, made for a very enjoyable evening for photographers of all interests and standards.We received many favourable comments, on the night, from our club members and from those visitors from other camera clubs. So, you can be assured that we hope to invite you to return to our club, with your follow-up talk `Field Craft for Wildlife Photography`.

Beryl Rout, Chet valley photography club. 20 Nature photography projects throughout the year. On behalf of the Chet Valley Photography Club I would like to thank you for coming and giving an excellent talk and display of photo’s. I am sure we all found it most helpful and fascinating, I certainly did! on how you got your photo’s. I am sure we will have great fun trying to get the subjects we want to photo to come to us, much food for thought!!I am sure some of us will be meeting up with you again for some of your workshops. Many thanks again for such an entertaining an interesting evening.

Chrstine Alcock, Wayland & district photography club. 20 Nature photography projects throughout the year.

I would like to thank you on behalf of Wayland & District Photographic Club for the well presented and entertaining talk yesterday evening.
We have quite a few members interested in nature photography, and I heard many complimentary comments from them after your talk.
Your talk was enjoyable as well as informative, with tips on how to get the natural image.
Hopefully your talk gave us all something to aspire to, also encouraging our members to go out and find subjects of interest, in and around our local patch and gardens.
I am sure the club will want to ask you back in the future to hear another stimulating talk.
Ian Long, National Vintage tractor & engine club, East Anglia. A East Anglian wildlife photographer’s year. Wow what can I say Kevin, an amazing evening was had by our members who where captivated by your amazing pictures and your knowledge of the nature and surroundings. I know from first hand experience how much effort goes into getting these pictures so again well done and thank you for a great and interesting evening.