Brown Hare’s Part Two – UFC animals

Following on from my previous blog post what I always wanted to photograph was the classic boxing of the hare’s. For many hours the male would shadow the female where ever she would go.


Then all of a sudden a chase would begin.


If you ever thought that hare’s boxing was something that the Queensbury rules would allow then this next set off images will show that this particular confrontation was more suited to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)  octagon than the boxing ring. Here the male (starting on the right) launches himself straight at the female’s body.










The above images all took place within ten seconds and in all over my many hours of watching hare’s I only saw about twenty seconds of boxing so am happy to have photographed this sequence. To finish off this post this final shot was taken within the same minute as the fight above but shows the female (left) has finally been able to defend herself and this what we perceive as the classic boxing hare’s image.



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